Agent Dos and Don’ts!

1. If you need to come by the office to pick up a sign or use the computer.  Please be sure to contact Dan or Chatrice before you just drop by.  So we can make sure someone is in the office during that time. 

2. If you have a client that will be coming by the office to drop something off, please be sure to notify Dan and Chatrice in advance.  So we can confirm if someone is in the office or not.

3. If you go to settlement please be sure to drop off your check, signed Closing Disclosure and marked up title back to the office.  Please send Chatrice an email once closing is complete to let Chatrice know that you closed and all went well.

4. If you attend settlement and have issues while at the table please contact Dan and Chatrice right away by email. We will reply right back to you.  Or you can reach out and call Dan at the office
215-885-3332 ex 111 or reach him on his mobile 215-284-2891.

5. Please remember to go to for your general real estate questions that are most likely on the frequently asked questions page.

6. Do not call MBA to order title or anything else!!  Unless Chatrice or Dan & Alana contact you directly for your assistance.  Lately agents are contacting MBA Abstract on their own to order title and schedule closings.  All title orders and scheduling of closings are handled by Chatrice.