“Listing Files”

Hello Liberty Bell,
Many agents are still activating listings in TREND, without turning in the required paperwork to the office. If you have a listing in TREND and have not forward a copy to the office, then we will proceed to pull your listing from the MLS System.

The office must have a hard copy of your paperwork.
This rule is set in place to protect you as well as the office.

If you make any changes to your listing contract regarding active dates or price adjustment, you must forward a copy of the signed addendum to Chatrice.

If your client decides to remove the listing off the market, then you must inform Chatrice that the listing is no longer active, so I can with-drawl the listing from TREND.

In dotloop we’ve created custom templates already for you. Once you login to dotloop and create a loop you just have to select the tab that says add a document then add document from custom templates. This will give you the option to select your custom templates that you need for your client.

If you’re still not familiar with dotloop and having problems creating a loop, please click on the link below and watch the online training that Scot created last year.


The office required paperwork is standard:

For A Listing
– Agents Check Off List
– Consumer Notice
– Sellers Disclosure
– Listing Contract
– Estimated Closing Cost
– Liberty Bell Business Relationship Form
– Signed Mortgage Authorization Form
– Copy of Mortgage Statement

* An Estate property is the same as above and you will need all that is listed below!!

– Death certificate
– Copy of executor or admin docs
– Register of will
– Proof inheritance tax was paid

For A Rental
– Consumer Notice
– Listing Contract

If you have any questions or need assistance with this,
please feel free to contact Chatrice.

Email: chatricegoldsmith@gmail.com
Phone: 215-885-3332 Option 1