“Incomplete Files”

Reminder Of Our Office Protocal

I will not accept an Executed AOS or Listing File without the standard paperwork that is required by our office through dotloop system. We have a check off list that was created to assist all agents accordingly. This list is available in the office and in our custom templates on dotloop.

One of my roles here at Liberty Bell is to handle all conveyancing for our three offices!! As of today we have a total of 125 agents under Liberty Bell. Lately my time is still being wasted by replying to emails and phone calls, advising agents of things that are missing from their files in order for me to start working on them. That time takes away from other office tasks that I need to complete, and from assisting other agents that may need my help.

All AOS’s must be filled out completely on page 1, it is necessary that you provide me with all of the other agents contact information. If you don’t know what it is when writing up your offer, please reach out to that agent so you have it or simply login into Trend and put the agents name in and you should get everything that you need. With the new TRID guidelines licenses numbers are now required, which is the reason their is a space for that now on the AOS. Liberty Bell Broker license number is RB067511 you must put this on your AOS along with your license number and the other agent number. You can find that agents license number in TREND under their contact information!!

When Listing a property for sale be sure to have the sellers fill out page 5 completely if they currently have a mortgage on the property fill in line 257, check off line 266 and answer section D if it applies. You also need a copy of their mortgage statement for the file along with the signed mortgage authorization.

Remember there is no such thing as short cuts in Real Estate. If you don’t start your transaction off right, once your AOS is executed or property is up for sale, you will end up paying the price as you try to move forward to get the deal to the table. Your time is valuable as an agent, so take the necessary steps to ensure you have all that is needed and signed to represent your client with excellence. Stop working backwards with your paperwork and start being ahead of the process!!

If you have any questions or are not sure what to do, please feel free to contact me before submitting your file!!

Thank You
Chatrice Goldsmith
(215) 885 – 3332 option 1