Message From Broker – Clarification Of Trend Bill


September 21, 2016

Many of you have called me to discuss the changes in the TREND dues.  I want to make sure you are all clear on how this affects you moving forward.  Because you are not a member of a local board, TREND has decided to increase your annual dues due to an increase in their liability in the event you are sued.

Annual charges for TREND are $576.96 including tax.  This includes the increase.  The charges will be billed 2 times per year, in Sept and March in the amount of $288.48.  The annual Trend dues for agents that are members of a board are $384.96 and are billed 2 times per year in the amount of $192.48.  The increase for your agents is $192 per year or $96 every 6 months or $16 each month.

Trend sent an email out to our office in reference to this increase and that email was somewhat deceiving.  You will not be paying $47 per month and Trend will not bill anyone on a monthly basis and the increase is not $47 per month. What they were trying to say is your total annual bill will be $576.96 and if you divide that by 12 it is slightly over $47 per month.

I hope this clears up any confusion and you now understand that the increase is only $16 per month or $192 per year.  I want you all to know that joining a board will cost around $500 per year.  If you would like join a board, please call me to discuss ad I will share the details with you.

Either way, if you join a board or you don’t there will be an increase in your annual expenses to be a real estate professional.  If you decide to leave things as they are your increase will be a little less than $200 per year and if you decide to join a board, the increase will be around $300 per year.

Please feel free to call me with any questions thank you.

Daniel Maneely

Broker of Record